Gender in the gym

The gym can be a very stereotypical place- men lift iron and women go on the cardio machines with neither sex daring to venture outside these norms. These preconcieved ideas about what should and shouldn’t be done however are most likely limiting your training and in actual fact there is a lot to that we can learn from the way the opposite sex trains.

Check out my full article on The Kings of Supplements site by clicking the link below, and see if you stick to your stereotype or if you dare to be different!


3 day Juicing detox- my experience

A juice detox is when you only consume fruit and vegetables that are juiced or blended into a liquid. There is loads of information explaining what each fruit or vegetable helps with and what are some great combinations- Joe Cross (Fat sick and nearly dead) and Jason Vale are both great people to search for when looking to learn everything about juicing and have some great recipes.

I decided to embark on a 3 day juicing detox using a book by Jason Vale as a guide to my 4 juices each day. The good thing about his book is that it gives you a shopping list of ingredients with the quantities. As I looked at the shopping list of all the ingredients I would need…including 22 apples it dawned on me exactly what I was about to embark on. My only consolation was that my partner was doing it with me so at least he wouldn’t be sat next to me eating proper food!

Day 1

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The ‘Detox’- getting the balance right

It is just after the new year and everyone is jumping on the diet and exercise bandwagon with words like ‘detox’ being banded around like they are going out of fashion. But what does detox mean? What does it involve? What does it do?
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First step into racing- how not to embarrass yourself!

So it is coming up to race season- you have been riding fun over the winter and there is talk about race rides and competitions.Start line You think- yeah I would like to have a go sounds like fun. Your home now and actually consider what you have just agreed to- daunted doesn’t quite cover how you are feeling. Here are some tips on how not to embarrass yourself on your first race.

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Four tips to lower your blood pressure

High blood pressure is diagnosed when blood pressure is repeatedly raised above 140/90 in a completely rested state- this is the red section on the diagram. 

Blood pressure guide

Blood pressure guide

It can cause untold damage including extra strain on your heart and circulation which then causes a negative spiral affecting other parts of the body.

The most common type of high blood pressure is known as essential hypertension and is caused by a number of contributing factors as opposed to one sole reason. This makes up 95% of all cases of high blood pressure and can often be related back to lifestyle choices in particular diet and exercise. There are others lifestyle factors such as smoking, high stress and weight, which if reduced would also have a positive effect on your blood pressure.
 So how do you lower your blood pressure and maintain it within a healthy range?

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Blood pressure explained

Blood pressure measures the pressure in your arteries at a given time and is normally measured in milliliters of mercury. The vast majority of people have theirs checked at the doctors but for some attendance at the doctors is more regular than others. It is recommended that blood pressure is checked every year to make sure your body keeps ‘ticking over’ so even if you don’t have a particular need to see the doctor for any other reason it is worth at least making an annual visit.

The healthy average blood pressure reading is 120mmHg/80mmHg, and if your reading is within the normal range then you are normally told you are fine. More often than not the doctor will not tell you what your blood pressure numbers are, let alone explain them and so you are sent on your merry way knowing it is ‘fine’.

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The Cardiovascular System- the ‘Vascular’ bit

Having covered the ‘Cardio’ part of the cardiovascular system we will now cover the ‘vascular’ part. As I said before ‘vascular’ refers to your circulatory system and the different vessels it is made up of.

So what does the circulatory system do?

Most simply put the circulatory system distributes blood around the body. When you look at it in more detail you can start to see what type of blood- oxygenated or deoxygenated.
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Cholesterol- what you need to know

Cholesterol is the fatty substance in your blood that is vital for many bodily processes including forming cell membranes and making hormones. Too much of this however is a bad thing and can cause your arteries to become blocked and increase your risk of heart disease.

Cholesterol can be broken down in to the ‘bad’ fats which clog the arteries and the ‘good’ fats which essentially help to unclog your arteries.

To find out what types of foods these are and more check out my full article on The Kings of Supplements blog page.

Thinking about becoming active…

It is recommended that adults complete a total of 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week- this is anything that lasts more than ten minutes and raises your heart rate.

Start small

As I said anything that last more than ten minutes counts so start by incorporating a ten walk outsideminute walk into your day. Lunchtimes are a great way of fitting it in. Not only does it get you away from your desk (particularly good for those of you who eat at the desk), it gets you some fresh air as well as getting you moving leaving you more alert and productive when you do return your desk.
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How to get to the front on your cycle rides in 3 easy steps…

Ride on another day

By riding on a second day your body will start to adjust to the idea of exercising regularly and you really will reap the benefits. A second ride a couple of days later not only keeps your legs fresh by getting them moving again, it also starts to build up a bit of fitness by continuing the progress you made on your previous ride. The saying goes “if you don’t use it, you lose it”- 2 days after your ride you start losing the benefits you gained, by doing the second ride a few days later you build on the benefits- which will inevitably make you just that little bit faster, getting you to the front first!
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